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About me 

My name is Elisabetta, I was born in a small Italian town near the sea but I currently live in Milan.

Since 2003 I work as an illustrator for the main Italian publishers with a particular focus on book covers and inner illustrations.

Workwise I'm very eclectic; advertising, children and school books, adult books and video games. I really like working on many different things,  learning the processes behind the creation of each product.

I like to draw with pencils, ink, crayons and oil pastels. I also like painting with acrylics, watercolors and oil colors but most of all I'm a digital artist with a good knowledge of Photoshop and Illustrator, both of them used daily in my job for the last 15 years. In my (very little) free time I love to watch art films, read old books and knitting.

In 2013 I've opened an Etsy shop with original drawings and paintings inspired by my favorite classics of literature.

Speaking of literature in 2016 I've illustrated Wuthering Heights: coloring Classic,  published by Little Tiger Press and the Masters of Literature 2017 calendar published by Orange Circle Studio.

Of all my creations the ones I'm most proud of are my children Cosmo and Nova.

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